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diary of a evacuee

Dear Mum + Dad

On the way to the stop I was wondering who I would be with and there personality. Half an hour later figured it out I was with Haydn and Thomas.


 I’ve been in this house for over 2 weeks and I can go to school now and the house is very nice. I have a free Rome here instead of hiding in our Anderson 24/7.


My Billet is a forest camp instructor so he teaches me how to climb a tree, build dens and make camp fires He’s got a dog called Terry and It’s a Boston Terrier  and It’s so cute.  Thomas is the man’s own son, we get along together I saw real cows, pigs, sheep even chicken I wish you were here.  I can’t believe they don’t bomb this place it’s so peaceful, the fun just doesn’t stop! I can’t get enough of the fun here.


If dad is here tell him and good luck as a home guard. And mom stay alive please I you should stay at home for a while until the blitz ends.


Yours sincerely

George and Austin 

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George H.

Commented on 10th May 2019

I enjoyed reading your letter, boys. The evacuee experience was not always a negative one, as shown in your letter. Sounds like these two boys are having a bit of an adventure!

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