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I wonder what it would be like to  be a Soldier in this weather?      

because  in our back garden Is cold to day  


from Eadie

Evacuee letter - Drew & Chloe

                                                                                                                                                             Helmdon Village

29th November 1940


To Mummy and Daddy,


 It’s been very interesting seeing lots of new things. I love my new room-mate she is called Narnia also we have discovered these things called cows and pigs. We saw some food growing above ground and under. I wondered wot it was. I asked the man I'm staying with what it was he said it was vegetables. I never knew that vegetables grew underground.


I was living at an old lady’s home .It was a nice home it smelt like lavender. The old lady was married to a man. They had a daughter called Narnia like I said earlier. The home was colourful.


I have to go to a new school In Helmdon. I made new friends strait away. The first friend was called Poppy we had loads of things in common and loads of fun also we live next to each other so we can see each other every day. Our teacher is called Mrs Lavender and she is not at all strict and loads of fun!!!


I spent most of my time with Poppy. We played hide and seek, follow the leader, tag and Simon says. We picked vegetables form the school garden.


Love from Krisha

(By: Drew and Chloe)

Dunkirk acrosstic poem



Dying people broken heart


Unhappy soldiers sad


Nemasists angry


Killing guns surprise


In pain crying


Ragged uniform no


Kind people on the boats  smiley


Really popular and polullted


Use a lot of material in the factories


Some people are very poor and live on the streets of Russisa


Some building are very tall


In Azia


A word cup is being held in Russia

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